CRH Reference Handler BETA

The CRH Reference Handler is a low-level citation management system, implemented in bash. It can be used on its own, or in conjunction with other software, e.g. LaTEX and BibTEX. CRH makes it easy to export references to other formats, including RIS, BibTEX, HTML and ASCII. All data are stored in plain text files (UTF-8 Unicode), and are easy to parse, edit and generate.
Note: This software was designed to be lightweight, there are no extremely fancy features and there is no GUI. (If you'd like to code a GUI for it, please do!)



Linux, Mac and Unix-like systems

Recommended setup steps:
  1. Copy both crh and utf8_to_latex to /usr/local/bin, or to your home directory (e.g. ~/bin), making sure that directory is included in your PATH environment variable. For example, you can append
    export PATH="$PATH:~/bin"
    to your ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc, as appropriate.
  2. Make a central directory for your references, e.g. ~/crh. All your reference files should be placed in there, ideally using a consistent naming scheme (such as authorYEAR[abc].crh).
  3. Done! Now you can call CRH from the command line by simply typing crh.
(To set up LaTeX and BibTEX to automatically import relevant references from CRH, please check the manual section on refchk.)

Windows and DOS

If you are using CYGWIN, please proceed like for Unix-like systems. Otherwise, if you are using Windows without CYGWIN, and you have a working bash binary installed, you can call CRH with
bash.exe C:\crh\crh
from a command line environment or from within other software.
(I have not tested using CRH with plain Windows or DOS, so if you're using it on either platform, please get in touch.)

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